If you can use the web to order food, hotel, airplane tickets, why you need to call us!?

There will be an emergency number in your voucher if you need to get a hold of us.

But for quotes, don’t bother us- get one online in less than a minute!

Try our service as a Guest first.

If/when you decided to repeat, open an account and use the full power of the system. Save your addresses, payment info, book for others, modify reservations. Then you can book in less than one minute.

We do track your incoming flight and we adjust accordingly. Land early or late- we will be there for you. Diverted flights are $100 extra. There is no refund and you cannot change or cancel your pick up, if the flight from your reservations is already in the air.

We DO NOT track departure flights. If your flight is delayed and we have assigned you a driver, you cannot change the pick up time or cancel the reservation. You either go with the scheduled ride or keep the driver hourly.

You always put flight’s scheduled arrival time! We track and adjust. You have 60 minutes to get into the car for domestic flights and 90 minutes for international ones. That’s plenty of time.

Yes. You can choose that option on the third step of the booking process after you plug in your flight info.

No, you CAN NOT! If you do, your ride will automatically be charged as 3 hour charter.

Yes, you can! Up to 2 hours prior the pick up time you can book rides. We will ad short notice fee between $30 and $50.

Yes. Book that request under HOURLY service type with 2 hours minimum.

We DO NOT. It’s parents’ responsibility to provide and install the car seats. Let us know you are bringing child seats, so chauffeur puts a blanket on the seats before you install them.

Extra stop would be a stop 1 mile radius from your pick up location, with no wait and on the way to the destination.

Any other scenario will be charged at least extra 1 hour of service for the booked vehicle.

Only the SKYWAY and Non-Illinois tolls.

New clients – 24 hours or so before your pick up. Existing clients- after the ride.

Only backpacks or purses. Everything else goes in the trunks.  Carry-ons and checked bags might seriously injure you in an accident and insurance will turn its back on you.

Last, it’s disrespectful to put your dirty bag on the seats of our new and immaculate vehicles.

No smoking in any of the vehicles!!!

Eat non-greasy and crumbly food or else you will pay cleaning fee!

Alcohol consumption is allowed only in vehicles with divider- stretches and VANs.

Sedans and SUVs:

Local Trips: 4 hours

50+ miles Trips: 12 hours

Stretches and VANs: 72 hours

Buses: 1 week

*NO REFUNDS when cancellation policy kicks in

Pets are welcome!

Tell us that you are bringing your pet, so we make sure your driver is not allergic or scared from pets!

All animals – excluding service animals – must be kenneled to board the vehicle. Kennel guidelines are as follows:

  • Less than 20 pounds: Lap carrier permitted.
  • More than 20 pounds: Only in the EXECUTIVE SPRINTER VAN.

Service animals- prep a blanket or pet covers for the floor or seats where you will pet will sit.


We will ship it to you at your own expense.

If you need it urgently, or you make driver come back minutes after we dropped you off, we will charge extra. Often hourly.

Same if you make the driver turn around and go back to the pick up address.