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Common Hurdles When Booking With Traditional Black Car Services

Are you tired of calling black car service companies to get a quote? Think about it! Did they all answer their phones or you had to leave a voicemail and wait for a call back? Did they place you on hold? Did they have to check availability? Did you have to answer questions like: What date, time, pick up and drop off addresses, how many people, what kind of car, etc. ? In the end, how much time it took you only to get a rate- 2-3 minutes? More?

How about booking a ride? Were you asked about your flight info? Did you have to spell your name and email twice? Did they ask you if you need a round trip or no? Did you have to give your credit card info over the phone? Another 4-5 minutes wasted.

Mistakes happen over the phone- wrong date, time, AM/PM…. Go and try to prove whose fault it is- the dispatcher’s or yours.

Hidden fees are very common with many limo companies. They tell you one rate and then you pay more.

Have you had your ride show up late, or not show up at all? Or cancel on you at the last moment?

Have you waited forever at the airport for your car? True, that often O’Hare can be messy, but there is a way to make pick ups more efficient. Many companies tell you to call for your car only when you are at the designated pick up spot. You call dispatch and dispatch tells your driver to get in. That makes you wait even longer.

Have you tried to book a ride on a short notice and your black car service told you they don’t have availability?

How We Do It & Why Book With Us

Booking with Rides 2 Flights is quick and easy! NO CALLS needed. Get a quote in 30 seconds and book under 2 minutes. If you open an account, you can save your info and next time reserve a ride even faster. We save you time and errors.

Our All-inclusive rates guarantee that you pay what you see, unless you show up late, it’s a holiday or Sunday, make a stop, change the route, etc. Gratuity is also included.

On time is late for us! We always show up 10 minutes earlier, so you start getting ready and leave on time. If we show up late, your ride is free! We never cancel rides. Once we send you the confirmation- we promise you will be taken care.

We are proud to have the smoothest and fastest airport pick ups. Driver communicates directly with you from the moment you land. Follow chauffeur’s instructions about where to go and what to do. He/she will keep you in the loop of the ETA.

Last minute or short notice rides are our specialty! No need to ask, just book your car online. Yes- we will charge you more but provide you with a car.